A little bit about myself and my EpicBubble.

E ver since I was a little kid I can remember holding a camera in one hand and a computer mouse in the other. When these two finally converged into digital video creation, I knew I had found my place in the world.

After a brief stint in both TV and film, I settled down in the role of Video Director at Sweden’s biggest computer games company DICE for 15 years, heading up and growing the most capable video team within EA. Here I honed my skills making game trailers, behind-the-scenes, dev diaries, interviews, game intros and everything in between.

Fun facts:

I’m tall (195 cm/6.5), blond (albeit darker than most) and blue-eyed (duh). I speak four languages (Swedish, English, Polish and German) as well as dabbling with Mandarin Chinese (because of Chinese cinema mostly). I’m a cat person (they are smart, independent and totally hilarious) and I’m always full of smiles (think it’s in the genes, after my dad). I spent my years in high school making music and videos instead of studying (nature science, can you believe that?) but have never relied on my grades to get me anywhere (just my love of film making and seeing peoples reactions to my creations). Basically, I live to learn while learning to live (dunno who said that, but now I’m saying it) and I hope I never stop.

– Roland Smedberg


V ideo shooting – with a DSLR rig capable of full 1080p, on location or in a studio, using a wide range of lenses and frame rates. Audio is captured on a separate device and synked up in the editing process.

E diting – where it all takes shape. Footage is trimmed and organised, rough edits follow for feedback, resulting in a final edit that, when approved, is sent off for post-production.

P ost-Production – creating  matte paintings, set extensions, visual effects and color grading. Depending on the scope and requirements of the video, the edit undergoes various post-production passes. The final look and feel is assembled and the finished video is compressed and distributed.


Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Unity 3D
Autodesk Maya/3DSMAX
Apple Final Cut Pro

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